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Kim Aurelie Bridal Artistry

More than just a pretty face, get to know Kim Aurelie, your Bridal Hair & Makeup Artists

As bridal makeup artists and hair stylists, we want to know all about each and every one of our brides. We feel its only fair that you know just as much about us. As open communication is at the core of every great relationship – even between a bride and her hair and makeup team.

So let us share with you who we are ,why we do what we do and most importantly, why we love it! 

Changing a mindset to change a life

As every flower blooms into something beautiful, it starts at humble beginnings. The same goes for our creative journey towards becoming the artists, we are today.

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing our brides completely comfortable in their own skin. That is why Kim only focuses on the greatness of others and tries to bring out the best in each one of her clients so that their personality shines through on their wedding day.

The beginning of a new way of life

They say that people remember not what you say, or do, but experiences you bring to them that last forever.

That is why we love what we do. We love to see the radiance emanating from our brides as they walk out the door as the stunning bride they imagined themselves to be.  

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